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Smart Parking Management based on RFID

  • 2095

Smart Parking Management based on RFID :
Public parking scheme with operator
In public parking, there are some customers that are either fixed, bring their car to the parking lot in the exception of transit and temporary customers. These cards can be used to separate and consider their own. In this case, whether they own a card reader placed in front of the entrance to the parking lot in front of the reader, and then go up or blockade or green light card can also be attached to the front glass above the door and was parking a Long Range Reader. Customer can charge their cards at any time and in any amount that they want and to be defined special and different tariffs for their contracts. Time out, the owner received a card that is delivered to the operator and the operator put the card against the card reader and see the payable amount via Screen of card reader and the customer has installed the printer and is delivered print an invoice receipt.  After the settlement with the operator's command, high barrier and the vehicle goes out of the parking lot. It should be noted if the panel is the capacity of the existing facility, will immediately add to the number of vacant positions and new data will be displayed on the panel.


Smart Parking Management based on RFID


Office and commercial complexes and residential projects dedicated parking or parking in the departments and agencies :
In both of these applications, it can be said that the majority of machines that are imported are known, can be assigned to the card reader or by short range to long range barrier or be read by a reader, but in any case, you need to Barrier in these applications. Another thing is that in this method is that the card reader can be connected to the system, while the company's attendance record was also logging and personnel. The advantages of this system can allow the driver to control the car and at the same time, painless and low tension control, allowing the black list and the entry to cars with alarms, etc. can be named on the application. Note that the software used by network and system managers to monitor and, if necessary, they can extract various reports online from traffic and personnel. In both the above if you need to get a license plate reader camera is placed at the input and output and both on arrival and when leaving the vehicle after climbing Barrier a picture is taken and stored on your computer. Take pictures of the entrance and exit of the car to prevent theft and misuse of possible applications.